I went for a drink last night.

Hi, everyone.

This is Aki writing.

I went for a drink with my friend last night.

Before that, I went to a hair salon to have my hair cut and hair coloring.

This hair salon is one of my healing spots, named PIN UP, on Nishi-dori street.

I really like the staffs and atmosphere there.

I go there once one and a half months or two months, maybe.

I enjoy having my hair cut and chatting with the staffs there.

One of the staffs really loves Namie like me. She is about ten years younger than me.

But we’re both huge fans of her. We talked that Namie’s tour had started.

I’m going to Namie’s concert in Fukuoka on Aug. 21st, Sunday.

But she can’t go there, because she definitely has to work on weekends.

So, she’s supposed to go her concert in Osaka on weekdays, maybe, in October.

Anyway, after I had my hair cut, I met with my friend.

She’s maybe 5 years older than me.

She ‘s also a business person and owns her kids English school in Minami-ku.

She was a kindergarten teacher and children’s nurse before.

I met her in a working place I worked as a manager in English nursery and school before.

We went to an Okinawan food restaurant in Daimyo and stayed there until after 1am.

We talked and drank a lot. I really appreciate that she gave me some tips, which are helpful in struggling with something in my life.


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